Friday, 12 April 2013

E45 cream

Ok I'm going completely off topic today I'm now an E45 convert! After years of using the same moisturizer I ran out , after 1 use of E45 i love it! My skin is so soft and supple now!

Monday, 1 March 2010

today i thought i'd show you some of my partners art work.

he uses the parts from old computers, tv's, headphones, you name it! and then builds these:

these are just a few of the completed ones but i think thats probably enough for today at least!!

Just wanted to show you one more thing: a card i made to cheer one of the women at work up! she had a bad day so i thought a card and a bottle of rose for her day off would put a smile on her face!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

so I've been awol a while! i can but only apologise! I've had little to no time for crafting but i have alot to catch you up on!if that makes any sense?

just to warn you this post will be quite long as i have alot to show you!

in my last post i showed you a carrot cake that i had made using a recipe from countryheartandhome. heres the pics of it finished and iced. oh it was soooo yummy that hours later it was more than half eaten between 5 people!!

heres a pic of a new layout of drews birthday:

close up of the photos

i saw these windmills on a website somewhere and just had to make one! arent they cool!

Drew had some pictures taken at nursery about 6 months ago and i couldnt decide what to do with them and then it hit me!! this is what i made:

my new toy:
it's a crafters companions top board - i'm going to have a go at making boxes.

here's my first atempt: it's a bit naff but with a bit of practice i think it'll be awesome!

Someone i know is getting married this year and has asked me to make her wedding invitations. here is a quick mock up of my first idea and she loves it! i'm going to move the ribbon so it's more central to the gap on the right hand side. you can see the hole on the left where i was testing how far in it would look best although it'll be on the right instead of the left when it's finished

another new toy! i was bought loads of eyelets and brads for xmas that needed a cropadile to fit them so i bought one! i'm sure i'll get plenty of use out of it. even if it's mainly for the wedding invitations!

look what came in the post this morning. all sorts of things to play with! lots of rub ons and punches and stickers! i cant wait to get stuck in!

obviously mothers day is coming up on the 14th march so i got cracking on my mums cad. this is what i came up with! i think it's quite funky!

i dont know why but the picture didnt come out very well of the one i did for my Mother-in-law but you can get the jist!

so i think thats about it for now!! sorry i was gone so long. i will have to take more photos so i can do more scrapping! thanks for popping by!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I've been very naughty and not kept my blog up to date this week. I took the weekend off as annual leave and have had a lovely time with my family. just the normal stuff that we dont often have time for! I even managed to get a night off and double date with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend.

I had a lovely morning today! I baked a cake - more specifically this one from Debbies blog

I obviously still need to do the icing but it looks and smells very yummy!!!
please excuse the state of the tray it's the one i use to catch the drips. and I really thought this was going to over flow! there looks like alot of cake mix for tin but it was perfect!

also my postman brought a box of goodies today... heres some of the things i got!

how happy am I!!! I also wanted to share my stamp collection...

I know really random but i'm going to start experimenting with stamps over the coming weeks so watch this space! I may even move over into embossing at some point!
ooohhh I found these in Dunelm they're buttons! I'm going to snip the loop at the back off and use them in my scrapping. I have loads of them - just wanted to show you one of each design

This is my latest bright idea - making cheap note pads look a bit prettier:

thats it for today! hope you enjoyed another little peek into my creative genius (haha)
hope to see you again!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hi everyone!!

well today i'm just going to share my latest layouts! I have hundreds of papers now and i love being able to raid them for just the right one! still need a few more embellishments as "back up stock" :) I've ordered some stamps from mad about cards they have a pound shop and i raid it about once a month :) there is a minimum order of £15 but its easy to spend that! I love raiding all the sale sections and ebay too for just the right bargain! I really need to find some reasonably priced craft stores near me!

I've decided i need a cuttlebug or something similar so i'll add that to my enormous wish list! when i get paid this month i'm going to order a huge pile of bloomers from Sarah as I only have little ones left and they dont work quite as well on some layouts!

I love these little flowers the ones in the middle are less than 1cm wide! i've added a clear bead to the center rather than buttons this time! I think it looks quite cute!

i decided it was about time to include a layout with a photo of me and drew. "hugs" wasnt my first choice of word but theses letters where the best colour i had and i didnt have enough letters to use my other choices!

One of the pages with pics from drews 3rd birthday

these pictures were taken on xmas morning whilst we were opening our stockings in my bed, Drews such a sweetie! Peekaboo was as fun as unwrapping gifts!!

these are my favourite xmas pics! sum it up completely: christmas tree with a million presents under it and a smiley child in a santa hat!!

this ones obvious!! with all the snow we've been having we've been getting very cold and wet during snowball fights but i managed to get a couple of quick pictures:

I'm not keen on this layout. i did it quite late at night and it's not come out quite as i imagined it would when i started!

thanks for stopping by!!